Listen - Alex James Brierley

Song written & Performed By Alex James Brierley Song Produced By Steve Levine Recording Ltd. Video produced By Joe Campbell @ Culture City Television © Intense Pulse Records 

O Love - Bianca Alana

O Love, written & performed by Bianca Alana Music & Production by Alex James Brierley 

Wait on the Floor - Alex james Brierley

 Wait on the Floor - released May 2018 (From EP Listen) by Alex James Brierley  Steve Levine Recordings Mastered at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS Released by Intense Pulse Records 2018

Opening Doors

 'Opening Doors' original recording from 2015 by Alex James Brierley. 

Place of Nowhere - Alex James Brierley

The track first appeared in ITV news in 2015.  "After watching the video, the lyrics for 'Place of Nowhere' become even more powerful alongside images of refugee tents, displaced citizens and children lying on the ground interspersed with uniformed, armed men and civilians carrying automatic weapons through the streets" Music interview Magazine