Intense Pulse Releases

Home Sweet Home - Alex James Brierley Feb 2019


 "A simply stunning piece of music" Get ready to Rock UK  Feb 2019,   Impressive. ****      If you haven't read about Alex James Brierley yet? Shame on you!   Topical, sympathetic, emotive and melodious are just some of the ways to describe Home Sweet Home.  Music Interview Magazine - New York. March 2019

O Love - Bianca Alana April 2019


 Bianca Alana’s solo work – as shown on stunning debut single O Love - is characterised by genuine vulnerability, winning candour and, of course, that show-stopping voice of hers.   

A Salford singer who, over the past few years, has built up a varied body of work as a guest vocalist, popping up on tracks by the likes of Dijeyow, Cash Lansky and Urban Flowers. In recent months, though, Bianca Alana has surely made her boldest, most eye-catching addition to that already impressive CV - that of a fully-fledged solo artist.

While Manchester is hardly lacking in big-lunged, soul-influenced female solo artists, you’ll struggle to find one who combines power and tenderness with the same efficacy as Bianca Alana.

Manchester Evening News April 2019

Surveillance State - inner voices 2009


  “My favorite is Surveillance State. The melody and rhythm carry me past anything Coldplay has done and may border on genius. The sounds are revolutionary and the songwriting is excellent. 5 stars !!! (May/June 2009) Carl Bourelly  The Wave Magazine (P.A. - U.S.A.)

 The entire EP is a brilliant musical accomplishment, it's filled with the balls that most artists seem to be lacking, and the unique electro-guitar sound ensures that this excellence exceeds the excellent songwriting; this is borderline genius. 

There goes the Fear (Surveillance State EP review) Thom Morgan (LONDON - UK) Friday Feb 2009 

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IMpact Statement - Inner voices 2010

    “Solid Impact Beautiful Statement by 5 star debut. I have a real feel for this new EP from inner voices. All four tracks are what I really like to hear. From the great inner city statement made on Poisoned Town. That carries through to the beautiful rolling piano on Virtual Cut. And then on to the real shivery. Almost ghostly beauty that is Bend Your Mind. And coming to it's excellent conclusion. Maybe a little too soon. On the very progressive heartbeat. That is Stay In The light. This is truly brilliant work from this great singer. Really worth the pennies spent here. And leaves me eagerly awaiting whatever comes next...... Impact Statement is a proper gem. And thoroughly deserving of a 5 star rating. ” UK Undiscovered   2010


“EP Impact Statement The opening is inspiring and makes you want to continue to listen to the song. You can spot elements from psychedelic-new wave to alternative-acoustic, this, combined with some great and emotional vocal work, makes this to a real masterpiece.”

Acuvi - Acuvi reviews 


ForEver - Bianca Alana Jan 2019

First single release from  amazing Manchester artist Bianca Alana on intense pulse


Listen - Alex James Brierley Dec 2017

 Get Ready to Rock EP Review -  March 2018

Listen is a blissful piece of upbeat piano led pop rock, with its memorable chorus and lush production it is made for daytime radio and deserves to be a hit. Echoes of Coldplay in the sound, which is no bad thing considering that band’s success. But Alex James Brierley has a surprise for us on the rest of the EP as ‘Wait On The Floor’ taps into an indie rock sound with chiming guitars and a trippy beat. The other song on here ‘Opening Doors’ is mellower affair and shows Alex’s voice off to good effect.

Alex James Brierley is certainly one to watch based on this classy EP.  ****